Smart Selfies for Contacts

We help you connect with people empathetically and instantly.

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Group Selfies and Group Messages in One Tap

When People Call,
You Instantly Remember!

Fast info Exchange
via Simple Scan!

your Activity Stream with a
Social Feed. Discover and
Meet New Connections!

Strike a Pose, Share your Prose: The Smart Way to Exchange
Business Info!


SelfTact is a mobile app that allows you to turn selfies into smart selfies for networking. Let the app do the work of generating messages for reaching out to new people you meet at events with your selfie attached, your booking link, linked in link, email, phone and name etc. in one tap. View where you met your lead on the maps section and much much more.

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Yes! We’d love to chat how we can place backgrounds of images for your attendees to take selfies with featuring your logos or your sponsors etc.