SelfTact: Smart Selfies,
Smarter Networking

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SelfTact: Smart Selfies,
Smarter Networking

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How SelfTact Redefines Rockefeller’s
Networking in the Digital Age

SelfTact empowers you to effortlessly manage and grow your network with modern sophistication. Inspired by the legendary networking techniques of historical figures like Rockefeller, our app seamlessly merges tradition with innovation, offering a digital solution that puts all your contacts at your fingertips.


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Capture Your Essence

Your journey with SelfTact begins with a single action: take a selfie. This isn’t just a photo; it’s your introduction to a world of authentic connections. Our platform transforms your image into a vibrant portal for interaction, making every selfie the beginning of a unique story. With SelfTact, you’re not just sharing a picture; you’re opening the door to a universe of opportunities, ensuring your professional profile is alive with possibility.


Cherish Every Detail

SelfTact redefines contact storage with an emphasis on depth and context. Effortlessly save every important detail of your new connections—from names and photos to emails, social networks, and personal notes. SelfTact enriches this information with the memory of where you met, anchoring each connection to a moment and place. This holistic approach ensures that every professional you meet is more than just a contact; they’re part of your journey, with every detail cherished and easily accessible.


Engage and Prosper

With SelfTact, engagement is immediate and meaningful. Our platform enables you to connect with your contacts through text or email, individually or as a group, ensuring the momentum of your initial meeting grows into lasting relationships. Our calendaring and event creation feature simplifies scheduling, fostering collaboration and making it easier to close deals and plan future endeavors together. SelfTact is not just about making connections; it’s about nurturing them into fruitful relationships and shared successes.


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SelfTact: Where Every Connection Matters

SelfTact transcends traditional networking, offering a platform where professionals can connect on a deeper level. In a world craving genuine interaction, SelfTact provides a sanctuary for professionals seeking to cultivate meaningful relationships, grow their careers, and enrich their lives.

Join SelfTact today and experience professional networking reimagined. Here, every handshake is heartfelt, every meeting is memorable, and every connection is a step towards a brighter, more connected future.

Experience SelfTact: Where Networking Meets Serenity.

Seamlessly integrate custom background filters to infuse your event with a distinct visual identity, ensuring every photo shared on SelfTact carries your signature style. Capture the moment with a selfie and let SelfTact transform interactions into meaningful connections. Elevate your networking guided by serenity, authenticity, and innovation.

Welcome to SelfTact—where professional networking meets the heart and mind.

Other Features:

  • Smart selfie added business cards
  • Profile Link for Sharing Contact Details
  • Group selfies and group messaging
  • AI generated introduction email and text
  • Upload personal address book and selfie albums 
  • Map of all selfies taken in and outside of SelfTact
  • Upload by scanning a paper business card or QR code
  • Facial recognition with privacy protection for instantly connecting with fellow members

Other Features Coming Soon:

  • Group Introductions (Intra/Inter Network)
  • Gifting
  • AI Generated Follow Ups/Thanks You Notes
  • Export to Top CRMs
  • Networking Over Video Calls



What is SelfTact?

SelfTact is a mobile app that allows you to turn selfies into smart selfies for networking. Let the app do the work of generating messages for reaching out to new people you meet at events with your selfie attached, your booking link, linked in link, email, phone and name etc. in one tap. View where you met your lead on the maps section and much much more.

It’s free for now! Download today!

Yes! We’d love to chat how we can place backgrounds of images for your attendees to take SelfTact with featuring your logos or your sponsors etc.