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Dear Namaste (formerly SelfTact) Community 👋,

Hope the year is getting off to an incredible start. We know that the entire team has been hard at work day and night working on our latest efforts on Namaste (formerly SelfTact) (Smart Selfies for Networking mobile ) to help underdog small business owners win and win big. That’s right, we successfully scaled a marketing platform, HelloWoofy.com to just below $1.3M in total sales to date and now, we’re using the lessons to scale Namaste (formerly SelfTact) .com into the next big thing.

Invest as low as $100: https://wefunder.com/selftact (Before April 28, 2024)

If you invested in previous equity crowdfunding campaigns (https://WeFunder.com/HelloWoofy, https://Republic.com/HelloWoofy, https://republic.com/hellowoofy-december-2019) you’re all good as we’ve kept the same exact corporation and cap table…Also, this campaign increases the valuation cap we set to $15M after the early bird terms are over. SO INVEST AS LOW AS $100 and get equity in our company!

What is Namaste (formerly SelfTact).com? 🤳

Invest as low as $100: https://wefunder.com/selftact (Before April 28, 2024)

You go to networking events and struggle to remember who you took a selfie or photo with but yet know you must follow up to close the lead. Bummer. You also have business cards from folks you can’t remember what they look like, high gloss cards with smeared ink from the notes you took and crumpled cards after a week of sitting in your back pocket. BUUUMMMMER!!!

Namaste (formerly SelfTact) is simple. You take a smart selfie, it uses facial recognition to connect you with your lead, AI to write an intro message with the selfie and show you where you met on a beautiful map for context. Done. Plus easy to see in a carousel “rolodex” all your smart selfies!

In the future this app will allow you to manage all your leads and contacts just like David Rockefeller did (but with giant index cards). Send gifts, letters and more to your top clients in one tap…with the smart selfie attached!



The true professional network for networkers.

Invest as low as $100: https://wefunder.com/selftact (Before April 28, 2024)


✅ Download on App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/selftact-com/id1636946285 

✅ Download on PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.selftactapp.app&hl=en_US&gl=US



Arjun Rai,

Founder + CEO, Woofy, In. (Namaste (formerly SelfTact) + HelloWoofy)

arjun@HelloWoofy.com / arjun@SelfTact.com

Invest as low as $100: https://wefunder.com/selftact (Before April 28, 2024)